MSRP: E Zone $10,999.00 including batteries.

Aims technologies for environment and design for human. We thought of a car emitting no exhaust while others tried to reduce auto exhaust. Now that the world acknowledges our thecnology adn passion, we are demanded by all Our EV has blazed a new trial of pollution-free roads, heading towards the future. China where the 2008 Olympic was held, home of automobile U.S., Japan and Europe have chosen e-ZONE for their E.V.


Economical excellence and superb performance will set you free from the worries of gas expense
(You can drive, 1500km for$7 per month)




* Travel distance may vary subject to road condition, driving style, or luggage weight.





SAFETY | e-Zone is teh first and the only City EV which satisfies the International Safety Standards.

TECHNOLOGY | We’re not sparing any technology for your safety

E-ZONE | Specifications

MODEL CODE e – Zone(Electric Vehicle
Overall Lenght (in/mm) 101 / 2570
Overall Width (in/mm) 57 / 440
Overall Height (in/mm) 61 / 1560
Ground Clearance (in/mm) 5.5 / 140
Wheel Base (in/mm) 2
Vehicle Weight (excluding batteries)(lbs/kg) 1,146 / 520
Tread                      Rear (mm)
46 / 1175

46 / 1175

Minimum Turning Radius (ft/m) 11.5 / 3.5
Maximum Turning Radius 25 / 40
Climbing Ability (*) 22
Tire (Front Wheel /Rear Wheel) 155 / 65 R13
(Front Wheel / Rear Wheel)
MCPHERSON-Strut Type Independent Suspension System
Braking System
(Front Wheel/ Rear Wheel)
7kW Single Motor
Battery Base Model : 72V -190Ah
Optional Model: Li-Polymer 72V-140Ah
Base Model: 72V / 7.0kW Single Motor Av110V~220v(Home Plug)/ votage Free
Charging time 4 hours
Range (mile/km) 60km with Lead Acid Battery
110km with Lithium polyer battery

*G.B.C : Golf Bag Carrier